News of the Week: 01 – 07 January 2017

A summary of the week’s main stories 

January 1

Istanbul new year Reina nightclub attack ‘leaves 39 dead’ – BBC

A gunman kills 39 people, including at least 15 foreigners

Islamic State want to carry out mass chemical attack on Britain, Minister warns – The Telegraph

The security minister issued the warning following reports of IS using chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq

Cologne police detain hundreds of ‘North African’ men over New Year – The Telegraph

Police in Cologne detained hundreds of men “of North African appearance” to prevent a repeat of the mass sex attacks in the German city a year ago, after many acted in an “aggressive” manner

 January 2

Almost 1,000 cars torched around France on New Year’s Eve but government insists it ‘went particularly well’ – The Telegraph

The custom of setting vehicles alight on New Year’s Eve is seen by some as a litmus test of general social unrest

Turkey nightclub attack: Islamic State says it carried out shooting – BBC

IS said in a statement that a “heroic soldier” of theirs was responsible

Fears of a ‘massive’ global property price fall amid ‘dangerous’ conditions and market slow-down – The Telegraph

Property prices are dangerously high several advanced economies, raising the risk of massive price falls if markets overheat

January 3

Sir Ivan Rogers attacks ‘muddled thinking’ in resignation letter – The Telegraph

Government sources say Sir Ivan “jumped before he was pushed”

January 4

May-Merkel relationship ‘almost non-existent’ – Politico

May reportedly does not share more information with Merkel in private than in public

‘Stud badboy’ shot on M62 by police – The Telegraph

“A self-proclaimed “stud badboy”, drugs kingpin Mohammed Yassar Yaqub was killed by police marksmen on Monday in a “pre-planned operation”

MP appeals for calm after M62 Police shooting – BBC

An MP has appealed for calm after a man, Yassar Yaqub, was shot dead in a police operation, sparking a protest in West Yorkshire

Shami Chakrabarti criticised for establishing £500,000 fund to help girls get into university, as boys lag behind – The Telegraph

Chakrabarti launched the bursary as Chancellor of Essex University, when women already make up 54% of students at the university

 January 5

Build a new Royal Yacht Britannia and deliver a 20 year old Conservative manifesto pledge, party historian tells Theresa May – The Telegraph

A new yacht would fulfil a “deep longing” for Britain to demonstrate confidence in its “capacity to shape a new national destiny” outside the EU, while being faithful to its maritime traditions

Migrants should have to learn English, say MPs and peers – BBC

Migrants should be expected to learn English before coming to the UK, or attend language classes when they arrive

January 6

The Bank’s ‘Michael Fish’ moment – BBC

The Bank of England’s chief economist has admitted that its Brexit predictions about the immediate aftermath of the vote were wrong, and that the profession is facing a crisis of confidence

John Kerry blames British Parliament for derailing US plans to strike Syria – BBC

The British Parliament’s vote against bombing Syria derailed America’s own plans to use force against the Assad regime in response to its use of chemical weapons

Syria conflict: Russia ‘withdrawing aircraft carrier group’ – BBC

Russia is starting to withdraw forces from Syria following a ceasefire it negotiated with Turkey

US, France and Russia should form ‘alliance’ says Marine Le Pen – The Telegraph

The alliance would fight Islamist fundamentalism around the world

Brussels punishing Britain over Brexit will play right into my hands says Marine Le Pen – The Telegraph

It would prove Europe can only advance by “threats, intimidation and blackmail”

 January 7

Sir Ivan Rogers: Former UK ambassador to the EU quits civil service – BBC

Sir Ivan Rogers resigns from the civil service, days after quitting as the UK’s ambassador to the EU

 NHS rejects claims of ‘humanitarian crisis’ in England’s hospitals – BBC

One of NHS England’s specialist directors says the service is not at the point of crisis, but admits demand higher than ever

Ethiopia’s ‘Spice Girls’, lose UK funding – BBC

The government will find “more effective ways” to invest UK aid