News of the Week: 11 – 17 December 2016

A summary of the week’s main stories

December 11

Cairo Bombing: Coptic Christian cathedral hit – BBC

A bomb explosion in the Coptic Christian cathedral complex in Cairo has killed at least 25 people, including women and children, it is feared 

Turkey vows vengeance after bombing in Istanbul kills 38, wounds 166 – The Guardian

Officials said the bombings were likely to be the work of Kurdish separatists

NHS England sending anorexic patients to Scotland for treatment – The Guardian

Mental health experts have warned that this growing trend could increase vulnerable patients’ chances of dying

December 12

Hilary Benn calls for border controls with EU after Brexit  – Politics Home

It is the latest sign of concern within Labour over Corbyn’s stance on immigration

Amazon accused of “intolerable conditions” at Scottish warehouse – The Guardian

Some workers camp outside the warehouse they work in to cut commuting costs

Woman kicked down stairs in Berlin Subway – BBC

Video footage shows a gang kicking a woman down a flight of stairs

December 13

Aleppo battle: UN says 82 civilians shot on the spot – BBC

Syrian pro-government forces in eastern Aleppo have been killing people on the spot in their homes and on the street, the UN says

Charity says FGM “parties” taking place in cities across England – BBC

FGM “parties” take place in cities across England, a charity has warned

9 convicted over student visa English test plot – BBC

Hundreds of non-EU citizens are said to have got student visas by paying people to take language exams on their behalf

Mens’ rights MP Philip Davies voted onto women and equalities committee – BBC

The critic of “zealous” feminism has joined the Commons women and equalities committee to ensure that men’s voices are not neutered 

December 14

Jihadis “hiding in plain sight” among migrants, says head of the Armed Forces – The Telegraph

The threat is aggravated as Islamic State loses territory

European Commission to be appointed chief Brexit negotiator with Britain – Sky News

The EU would like to avoid UK negotiators approaching EU countries individually

December 15

Islamic State sympathisers ‘trained’ for Jihad at Solihull paintballing centre – The Telegraph

A bricklayer who told his friends that he wanted to die fighting for IS “trained” for battle at a paintballing centre in Solihull 

Aleppo battle: evacuation of rebel-held east – BBC

More than 3,000 people have been evacuated from a besieged rebel-held enclave in the Syrian city of Aleppo, officials say

Surge in Eastern European students awarded UK university places ahead of Brexit vote – The Telegraph

Students from Eastern European countries who were awarded places at British universities surged by up to 50 per cent ahead of the Brexit vote

December 16

Britain should not rely on WTO trading rules after Brexit, says Chancellor – Telegraph

Meanwhile, Eurosceptic MPs argue that Britain should leave the Single Market and rely on WTO rules if need be

Video footage shows transport Secretary “dooring” cyclist – BBC

The news comes after Chris Grayling criticised segregated cycle paths in an interview with Evening Standard

December 17

French bar tells women: “This isn’t Paris. It’s only men here.” – The Telegraph

In an area of Sevran which has a reputation for exporting jihadists, women do not belong in public

Espionage chiefs ditch Cambridge spy seminars amid rumours of Russian influence – Politcs Home

A former head of MI6 and two other secret service experts cut ties with Cambridge spy seminars over concerns of Russian influence