News of the Week: 29 Jan – 4 Feb 2017

Some of the week’s notable stories 

January 29

Benoit Hamon to be Socialist candidate in French election – BBC

Mr Hamon’s plans include a proposal for a universal monthly income for all citizens, legalising cannabis, and making it more difficult to fire employees

Trump executive order: Refugees detained at US airports – BBC

Refugees arriving in the US are being held at airports after President Trump issued an order barring migrants and refugees from seven Muslim majority countries

January 30

Downing Street rejects calls to cancel Trump’s state visit – BBC

A source said a rejection would be a “populist gesture” which would “undo everything” May had achieved in her trip to the US last week

Magistrate disciplined after refusing to hear same-sex parenting case – The Telegraph

The disciplinary action against Mrs Preston and other cases like it suggest that there is a “clear pattern emerging” of “a Christian bar to public office”

 January 31

Donald Tusk: Trump is threat to EU – BBC

The European Council President has warned that “worrying declarations” from the US President threaten the EU”s future

Angela Merkel: Euro isn’t German currency in disguise – BBC

Merkel defended Germany after an advisor to Trump suggested that it uses an undervalued euro to exploit trading partners

Austria to ban full-face veil in public places – BBC

Austria’s ruling coalition has agreed to prohibit full-face veils in public spaces such as courts and schools

February 1

Brexit: MPs overwhelmingly back Article 50 bill – BBC

MPs have voted by a majority of 384 to allow Prime Minister Theresa May to get Brexit negotiations under way

Cameron ‘tried to get Mail editor sacked’ over Brexit – BBC

David Cameron allegedly urged an editor at the Daily Mail to rein-in his Pro-Brexit views during the referendum campaign, before trying to get him sacked

February 2

Britain could carry out cyber attacks to defend itself against Russia suggests Sir Michael Fallon – The Telegraph

Britain’s adversaries must know they face a price for using cyber weapons, Sir Michael warned in a speech describing how to cope with an increasingly aggressive Russia

February 3

French soldier shoots attacker outside Louvre – BBC

A French soldier guarding the Louvre has shot a man who tried to attack a security patrol with a machete shouting “Allahu Akbar”

European parliament leaders call on EU to reject Trump’s likely ambassador pick – The Guardian

Heads of parliament’s main political parties issue unprecedented call opposing Ted Malloch, who wants to “tame” the European Union, and possibly “bring it down”

February 4

Ted Malloch: EU 27 should have their own In – Out referendums  – RT

Malloch tells RT that the EU 27 should hold their own referendums on EU membership, and that ‘Davos man is dead’

Trump tears into judge for suspending travel ban, vows to restore ban  – BBC

US President Donald Trump has vowed to overturn a legal ruling which suspended his ban on travellers from seven Muslim majority countries