Cameron speaks with refreshing candour

David Cameron hasn’t always been entirely straightforward with the public, with two recent examples standing out in particular.

The first is how Cameron’s handled the revelation about his tax affairs. He released a series of statements denying that he benefited from shares in an offshore fund. He then went on to admit that he did in fact benefit from one.

The second is his handling of the EU referendum. He has led a campaign which aims to scare voters into voting to stay in the EU. Critics refer to this campaign as ‘Project Fear’. They argue that the more shrill it becomes, the less easy it is to believe. Suggesting that Europe will descend into war if Britain votes to leave the EU, doesn’t seem an entirely sensible way of conducting a campaign.

Refreshing candour

Today we can hear the Prime Minister speaking with refreshing candour. Cameron has been caught on camera telling the Queen that leaders of some of the most “fantastically corrupt countries” would be attending an anti-corruption summit in the UK. These included “Nigeria and Afghanistan – possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world”.

It makes a change from the usual carefully crafted soundbites. It is not often that we witness such straightforwardness. Perhaps the Prime Minister could make such mistakes more often…