Cameron says something we can believe

David Cameron has done a lot to undermine confidence in his integrity over the last few weeks and months, but two things stand out in particular.

One is his botched handling of the revelation about his tax affairs, where he released a series of statements denying that he benefited from shares in an offshore fund before finally admitting he did.

The other is his handling of the EU referendum, where he has led a campaign which aims to scare voters into voting to stay in the EU – a campaign which is becoming increasingly shrill and therefore increasingly difficult to believe.

But today the public has been able to hear the Prime Minister speaking with refreshing candour, as he was caught on camera telling the Queen that leaders of some of the most “fantastically corrupt countries” would be attending an anti-corruption summit being held in the UK.

Cameron gave two examples of such countries: “Nigeria and Afghanistan – possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world”.

The frank remarks will come as a breath of fresh air for voters tired of hearing speeches from the Prime Minister, who talks down to them while employing tired platitudes about “hardworking families”.

Perhaps the Prime Minister could make such mistakes more often.