Can Leave.EU employ migrants?

Leave.EU one of a number of groups campaigning for Brexit, is facing criticism for employing four non-British workers at its call centre. The Remain campaign has accused Leave.EU of “hypocrisy” because on account of the fact that it has previously argued that such low-skilled workers “deprive British citizens of jobs”.

This accusation appears to be predicated on the assumption that if a person is concerned with the employment of British workers they must only employ British workers.

That is not the case. It is possible to have that concern while also wanting to give every qualified job applicant an equal chance on the grounds of fairness, pragmatism and even social cohesion.

One can argue for a reduction in the scale of immigration to protect British workers from future competition without then being bound to employ British workers only.

Given that the Remain campaign is generally pro-immigration (albeit with the odd exception) Leave.EU would have come in for even more criticism if it had excluded non-British workers instead.

There’s just no pleasing some political opponents…