Can Leave.EU employ migrants?

A group campaigning for Brexit is facing criticism for having employed four non-British workers at its call centre. 

The Remain campaign has accused Leave.EU of “hypocrisy” because it has previously argued that such low-skilled workers “deprive British citizens of jobs”.

Leave.EU may employ migrants

The accusation rests on the assumption that an organisation that wants to see British people employed must only employ British people. In fact, the assumption is mistaken because it is possible to hold the following two beliefs simultaneously:

1) The UK job market should not be open to limitless competition from Europe and beyond

2) As an employer, I should employ the most qualified applicant for the job without favouring British applicants

To put it another way, one can seek to integrate recent newcomers – by employing them, for example – while recognising that continued mass immigration would mean excessive competition for UK jobs and other problems best avoided.

Other problems

Further problems with continued mass immigration include greater competition for housing; greater pressure on public services; difficulties with integration; and fears about a loss of a shared national identity and culture.

To recognise these problems is unremarkable. Indeed, many immigrants also recognise these problems and find them concerning. Consequently, some will vote for Britain to leave the EU, including EU migrants.

Leave.EU can’t win

It’s worth noting Leave.EU would have come in for even more criticism had it instead excluded non-British workers on account of their origin.

Evidently, there’s just no pleasing political opponents…