Clinton cancels California trip following pneumonia admission

Yesterday Hillary Clinton fainted at a 9/11 ceremony yesterday and had to leave early. The incident renewed speculation about her health following coughing fits and seizures.

Today, Hillary Clinton has cancelled a trip to California, explaining that she has pneumonia.

Clinton’s team say that she has been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and given antibiotics. Her doctor has said that Clinton is now “recovering nicely”.

But what happens if she doesn’t recover nicely? Clinton already has to confront the fact that she is a very unpopular candidate. It’s unclear how she could overcome ‘Hillary Hate’ and deal with concerns over her health to win the presidency.

President Kaine?

If Clinton’s health doesn’t improve, it might me best if she were to step down for her party.

In the event that Clinton withdraws from the race, Tim Kaine could take her place. Kaine is a likeable, middle-of-the-road candidate with two notable qualities which will appeal to very many Americans.

1) He is not Hillary Clinton.

2) He is not Donald Trump.

Given how unpopular Clinton and Trump are, these qualities matter more than they should.