Obama: “I’d vote for Merkel”

Obama recently paid a visit to Berlin where he met Angela Merkel for a series of bilateral meetings in the wake of Trump’s election win.

When a journalist asked him if he would support Merkel in the German election next year, he said that he made a rule of not meddling in other nations’ affairs.

However, it seems he was prepared to break this rule. The very next minute he said that if he could vote, he’d vote for her:

“If I was a German, I would support her”.

But then in sudden burst of self-awareness:

“But I am not sure whether that helps.”

Obama’s recent record does give pause for thought.

Earlier this year, the president told Britons to vote for Britain to remain in the EU.

Later on in the year, he urged Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton…

Doesn’t seem to have helped very much…