IS terrorist “not very bright”

A man who wanted to kill lots of strangers and blow himself up in a European city has been labelled “not very bright”.

Salah Abdeslam, one of the men behind the November Paris Attacks, has been described as having “the intellect of an ashtray” by his ex-lawyer.

The public has responded with surprise to the allegation.

Not what he read in The Guardian

Richard Smith, a 31 year old Councillor, admitted he had been “taken aback” by the news:

I thought Salah was  a bright kid who was disappointed at the lack of employment prospects and the contrasting abundance of racism in his hometown of Molenbeek, like I read in the Guardian.

But apparently it’s just that he’s as thick as a plank.

Not what he read in The Telegraph

Thomas Kelly, a 27 year-old banker, was similarly surprised:

I thought he might have been the predictable outcome of a toxic combination of mass immigration and a laissez-faire attitude to integration leading to parallel lives, like I read in the Telegraph.

But apparently he’s just not very bright.

Thomas continued:

But it does make you think… if stupidity helps lead to terrorism, how many people are on the government watch list?

Having offered his thoughts, Thomas said goodbye, turned around and accidentally walked into a lamppost.