This blog’s project is to provide interesting news and considered political commentary to inform and challenge readers.

From The White Cliffs considers politics from a British perspective. This blog’s name refers to the White Cliffs of Dover, a national landmark which prompts British introspection. The White Cliffs raise questions about Britain’s identity, its boundaries and the nature of our relationship to the outside world. These are questions which this blog discusses in the context of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

Healthy scepticism

FTWC endeavours not to be drawn into the media consensus too easily because that consensus is frequently mistaken

In June 2016, FTWC maintained that Britain might vote to leave the EU while pundits and pollsters predicted a vote to remain. In November 2016, FTWC argued that Trump might still win while pundits claimed that America’s demographics made that impossible and a poll gave Clinton a 99% chance of winning.

Good faith

At a time when public trust in the media has dropped to an historic low, the media must remind itself of its sacred duty to provide accurate news and well-formulated arguments to improve our understanding of the existing state of affairs. The purveyance of falsehood in the service of a political narrative, cause or ideology can never be justified.

A healthy political discourse facilitates the task of identifying the problems our society faces and of finding possible solutions. Inaccurate or otherwise misleading reporting and poor argumentation makes us less likely to succeed in this serious endeavour.

One vital principle informs FTWC’s work: that nothing brings a better world into being than the stated truth