Brexiteer breathes sigh of relief as pound crashes to 31-year low

A Leave voter who had been worried by the government’s slow progress over Brexit has been reassured by the news that the pound has plunged to a 31-year low against the dollar – despite not knowing exactly what is behind the fall.

In lieu of following the politics, 52 year-old Thomas Kelly has been keeping a close eye on the value of the pound, which, he says, gives him a good indication of how the task of carrying out Brexit is progressing, without him having to read anything.

A possible explanation

Mr Kelly volunteered the following explanation for the drop in the value of sterling:

Theresa May has invoked article 50 in the last two days – or, if she didn’t, then she set a date by which she would invoke it.

According to Mr Kelly, Leave supporters are used to celebrating the fall in the value of the pound:

The best moment of the early hours of June the 24th was when the value of the pound went off a cliff.

At that moment, I knew the result in Sunderland had come in, and it was a firm vote to leave.

Relief for Remainers

But today, Leave voters aren’t the only ones to be pleased by the pound plummeting; for 48 year-old Remain voter Emma Harding it offered some reassurance:

Recently I’ve had the impression that things have been settling down after the vote, which has been quite disconcerting. But this drop in the value of the pound suggests trouble ahead.

After predicting that the sky would fall down after Brexit, I’m afraid we Remainers may have set ourselves up for a fall. Some trouble, therefore, is overdue.

After weighty consideration, I’ve decided that I don’t want WW3. But a shallow recession would be nice  – it would go some way to justifying our warnings, without being too awful!