Is The Telegraph the remainer’s newspaper?

Newspaper articles sometimes contain polls inviting readers to give their views on the subject matter. In theory, the result of the poll should reflect the opinion of the paper’s readers. However, sometimes these polls throw up suspicious results.

A recent poll in The Telegraph asked readers what sort of Brexit deal they would like. It offered four options, including one that said “I’d really rather we remained”.

At the time of writing, 75% of the 28,300 respondents have selected that option.

Further down in the same article there is another poll asking readers if they regret their vote.

Of the 97 voters so far, 71% said that they had voted Leave and felt fantastic, while only 24% said they were proud to have voted remain. The remaining 5% said they regretted having voted to remain.

The most likely explanation

It would appear that remain supporters have called on each other on social media to express their support for remaining through the first poll, but have neglected to answer the second poll.

If one is interested in knowing attitudes to Brexit since the referendum, better to consult the pollsters. According to recent polling, voters haven’t changed their minds since June 23rd. One polling expert has said that the suggestion that Brexiteers regret their choice is “wishful thinking” on the part of Remainers.