Lib Dems win Richmond Park by-election

The Liberal Democrats have won the Richmond Park by-election.

Lib Dem candidate Ms Olney campaigned on an anti-Brexit ticket. That’s despite her having initially accepted the referendum result in a blog post.

Ms Olney polled 20,510 votes to Mr Goldsmith’s 18,638, overturning the Conservative majority of 23,015.


The by-election had been triggered when Zac Goldsmith stood down as an MP.

In doing so he was honouring an election promise to stand down in the event that the government chose to expand Heathrow airport, which it has done.

An electoral mountain to climb

The result is unsurprising considering that 70% of voters in Richmond Park voted Remain. But if the Lib Dems are to become a significant electoral force again, they must also succeed in areas of the country that are more representative of the UK. Being a party for prosperous areas which voted against the country in the referendum will only take them so far.

According to YouGov polling, 68% of the public wants Brexit to go ahead. To put that another way, a third of Remain voters now support the result regardless of any misgivings.

The referendum took place on the clear understanding that the government would implement the result. By adopting an anti-Brexit stance after the Brexit vote, the Lib Dems risk offending the British sense of fair play and respect for democracy.