Is it for real? Dutch Boyband’s cringeworthy bid to stop Brexit

In an unlikely last-ditch bid to keep Britain in the EU, Europe has produced an anti-Brexit boyband in the Netherlands.

The newly-formed Breunion Boys have just released their first single: ‘Britain Come Back’. However surprising, this appears to be a genuine effort to convince Britain to reconsider her decision to leave the EU.

Julia Veldman, whose idea it was to create the anti-Brexit boyband, clearly doesn’t understand the British.

The Breunion Boys promise that, if Britain returns to the EU, “we’ll make our union ever-closer”. This is despite the fact that the EU’s pursuit of ever-closer union is deeply unpopular in Britain. Indeed, the campaign to keep Britain in the EU was fought on the premise that Cameron’s EU deal promised an end to ever-closer union.

But the main failure by far is to have imagined that an anti-Brexit boyband could ever have won Britons over. In the unlikely event that the Breunion boyband have an impact, it will doubtless be to achieve the reverse of the intended effect.