Trump presidency “good for IS recruitment”

Today, the Daily Mail reports that Islamic State welcome the election of Donald Trump as far as recruitment goes:

“A top ISIS commander has branded Donald Trump ‘a complete maniac’ whose hatred towards Muslims will aid their cause.

Abu Omar Khorasani, who heads up the terror group in Afghanistan, said Trump’s shock election victory would be used to recruit disaffected youths in the West.

Jihadists plan to use Trump as a propaganda tool to rally thousands of new fighters and inspire terror attacks across the world.

Khorasani’s remarks confirm what Hillary Clinton was saying during the campaign – that Trump’s rhetoric was useful to Islamist extremists who could use it to promote the idea of a war between the West and the Islamic world.

If Trump tones down his talk about Islamic extremism following his election, the extremists can still use comments he has made previously.

Islamic State shouldn’t celebrate Brexit too soon

Clinton is not the only prominent politician to warn that her opponents would inadvertently give a boost to IS. Back in May, David Cameron made the following remarks while campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU:

“It is worth asking the question: Who would be happy if we left?”

“Putin might be happy, I suspect [ISIS leader Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi might be happy,”.

At the time, FTWC was sceptical:

“The Prime Minister did not explain… why Al-Bagdadi would care which way the British “infidels” voted in this referendum.”

Nevertheless, there may be some truth to what the PM was saying. Shortly after the referendum result, IS propaganda was cheerful: “Brexit threatens the unity of Crusader Europe”.

However, Brexit isn’t necessarily good news for the Islamists.

The Brexit vote was in part a rejection of how the EU had dealt with the migrant crisis and terrorism. Readers will recall that a former chief of Interpol, Ronald K Noble, likened the Schengen arrangement to “hanging a sign welcoming terrorists to Europe.”  On June 23rd a majority of Britons decided that they didn’t want to remain part of an organisation which hung such a sign.

Brexit will disadvantage the Islamists if it pushes the EU to reestablish border controls, which it could well do. Following Brexit and Trump’s win, anti-EU politicians like Marine le Pen are gaining momentum. The EU must improve security and tackle mass illegal economic migration into Europe. Otherwise, Europe’s nations will emerge from the EU to do so themselves.