Does UKIP have a future?

Following the resignation of two UKIP leaders over a three month period, UKIP is in a bad place.

Until yesterday, Steven Woolfe was the favourite to replace Diane James as leader after her surprise resignation.

But yesterday Woofle resigned. The resignation shouldn’t come as a surprise. UKIP’s NEC had threatened to rule Woolfe out of the leadership contest following his the now infamous punch-up in Brussels.

Whoever becomes the next leader of UKIP will have a difficult task. He or she will have to unite a divided party with a renewed purpose after Brexit. That’s not to mention the need to pay off UKIP’s considerable debt….

Nuttall is the only viable candidate

The only viable candidate is Paul Nuttall, an MEP from the North West, and one of the party’s better known politicians.

In an article for The Telegraph, Nuttall has stressed the need for UKIP to unite around its next leader. He also talked about the need for UKIP to target Labour’s working class roots:

All the opportunities are there for UKIP It is increasingly apparent that the Labour Party has abandoned its working class roots in favour of the politics of the metropolitan dinner party. It is more at home with its hobby horses of human rights, Palestine and climate change than the things that really matter to working people.” 

If the party is to have any prospect of remaining relevant, Nuttall’s article must preclude a leadership bid.

Even if UKIP has strong leadership, UKIP may have reached the end of its voyage.

If Theresa May delivers Brexit and reduces immigration to the tens of thousands, UKIP will have served its purpose.